Understanding third party backlinks

Daniel Burford by Daniel Burford

Third party backlinks are backlinks from externally-owned websites. This means that the third party reserves the right to edit or adjust any content as they deem fit.

Just like a normal backlink from these websites, no external entity has control over their internal policies and processes. This means they can change factors on their website at any time: 

  • They may change the article. This includes things such as altering the keyword, title, adding their own sponsored posts or advertisements into the article, changing the backlink or removing it entirely
  • They may change the name of the publication or change the location of the article and backlink
  • SEO & domain metrics inevitably change over time -- these can improve or decline and fluctuation can happen
  • DoFollow backlinks may become NoFollow or NoIndex backlinks or vice versa
  • Backlinks may even be removed from third party websites, this is particularly common when working with high quantity of work such as press releases or working with publications with a large number of editors

These backlinks work exactly the same as if you had acquired these backlinks naturally. As an agency, our role is to secure placement on these websites. While we can guarantee initial placement, after this occurs, the backlink is outside of anyone's control except the external entity that controls the website.

When link building and acquiring any backlinks, this is vital to understand -- it is very rare for a backlink to last "forever". This is the case if you acquire backlinks naturally or through an acquisition agency like Diesel Marketer.

Privately-owned backlinks are the exception to this rule, where placement may be able to be guaranteed to be maintained for a certain period of time as it is with the agency's control. 

Daniel Burford
Daniel Burford


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