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While many claim to have access to editorial links from the world's top publications, few genuinely have direct access to get your website listed on premium websites. Diesel Marketer has direct access to journalists who can get you links from the world's top publications - Forbes,, Huffington Post & almost every other top publication you can think of.

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Rare Premium Backlinks from the World's Top Publications
These are the most sought after and rare links in the world. Not only do you receive the huge SEO benefits of high Domain Authority backlinks in the world, but your business becomes instantly credible.

This means excellent branding, valuable referral traffic and having the most trusted sites in the world linking to you. In short: these are the best backlinks you can acquire.
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Links from authority sites are how Google determines where to rank your site. If you want to rise to the top of the search engines, you need to acquire links from premium websites. There are no better websites than the the world's largest publications such as Forbes, Inc, Huffington Post & more.

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To even attempt acquiring these premium links takes time, energy and money, with no guarantee of success. Instead of this, leave it to us to handle the campaign for you with success guaranteed. We create the content, reach out to our journalists & secure the placement. The only thing you need to do is order using the button below, order the links you desire and we take care of the rest.

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What do these premium editorial links do? They give your site enormous SEO benefits, helping to increase your search engine rankings, driving your traffic and sales up.

Want the shortcut to creating trust while boosting traffic and sales? These are the links you need.
How to Secure Premium Editorial Links
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Order Editorial Link
1. Login and choose your publication. Make Payment and provide us with your website details and preferred keyword (if any). 
Step 2
Editorial Link Campaign Begins
Within 24 hours, our journalists will begin working on your premium editorial link, including crafting the content to publication standards.
Step 3
Final Report & Completion
Once the editorial link is successful published, you'll receive your completed report uploaded into your client dashboard.
We offer a hands-free solution for businesses to secure premium editorial links at a fraction of what they retail for. This is invaluable publicity and instantly boosts your business reputation and credibility.
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Every business wants to be recognized by leading publications, and now you can with us.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the estimated turn around time?
The turn around time depends on the publication's current workload and is usually within 1 to 3 weeks. If we need longer, we will let you know.

Is there a guarantee?
If your site is not able to placed on your preferred publication, we will refund you completely.

What keyword should I use?
We recommend using a natural keyword. Your brand or business name is perfect.. they must be usable in a real sentence. We cannot accept anything pharmaceutical, gambling or adult related.
How do I order?
Click here to login and see our current inventory. Choose your publication and make payment. After checkout you'll be taken to a special form to submit your website Url and any special instructions.

Will I receive a report?
After successful placement, your account manager will provide you with a copy of your link within the client portal.

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