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What Will I Get?
  • Powerful and affordable authority backlinks from highly secure and trusted private network sites
  • High trust flow, Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) backlinks
  • Links from natural-looking sites with high quality design and touches
  • One of the safest networks with a suite of advanced safety features
  • Each post containing unique articles and contents
  • Partial report provided to ensure safety and longevity of your backlinks
  • Optional monthly or once-off service
  • All the Diesel benefits we're famous for including 7 /days week support!
Since 2009, we've been one of the most trusted SEO providers amongst marketplaces online, famous for high quality, professional services using advanced SEO tactics that have powered 1000s of websites worldwide.

Today we introduce Thunder, the result of many clients who needed authority backlinks at a more affordable rate with minimal loss in quality. After months of testing in the harsh Google landscape, we've created a service made for these clients: rare, high authority backlinks at our most affordable rate yet.

Thunder is the perfect mix of power and safety, backlinks that almost every website can leverage for fast Google rank improvements.

Highly trusted authority backlinks
Diesel Marketer authority backlinks are so sought after because they work. Thunder is no different, giving you some of the best features of any network available.
  • Your backlinks will be placed on high trust flow sites (20-35), average TF/CF of 25+
  • Up to 40+ DA/PA (Average of 27+)
  • Each site has natural, non-spammy backlinks with best-practice anchor text
  • Excellent referring domains (minimum 12+)
  • Sites linked from many top sites, including niche blogs
  • Backlinks will remain on the homepage for ~2 weeks before rolling into inter pages, just like a natural authority site
  • Maximum of 20 outbound links per site to make sure your site gets the link juice passed on
Awesome backlinks from awesome sites
Few people know how to do this securely or in a way that boosts search engine rankings on demand. It takes years of expertise to be able to manage a network effectively. Fortunately, there's an easier way.

You'll be hard pressed to a provider that knows private networks as well as we do, and takes as much pride in the work as we do. We don't settle for half-baked, instead we create backlinks with the long game in mind to benefit your site's rankings long term.

  • Built on natural-looking sites with great looking themes and designs
  • Using only .com, .net, .org and .info domains (very rare!)
  • High quality unique spun content of around 600 words per backlink
  • Relevant images and/or videos used to ensure natural post.
Incredible safety measures for long term benefit
All of our backlinks are built with both safety and power in mind. Thunder is no different, provided rare safety measures to ensure the safety and benefit of your backlinks long term.

  • Different A/B/C class IPs for each backlink
  • Hosted in various locations around the world
  • Many crawlers such as Majestic and Ahrefs will not be able to crawl these backlinks to make sure links remain safe and value long term
  • Each backlink has different servers with unique DNS records
  • No interlinking between sites
  • Partial report provided to all clients to ensure safety long term
  • Awesome sites with natural-looking posts including videos and/or images on each backlink
Powerful Thunder Authority
Backlink Packages
To secure your precious Thunder authority backlinks, choose your package below. The more posts you order, the greater your results will be for your website.

  • 25 x Thunder High Authority Backlinks
  • High TF/DA/PA Posts
  • High Quality Contents
  • Available once-off or monthly
Ideal for local keywords, or low competition keywords

  • 50 x Thunder High Authority Backlinks
  • High TF/DA/PA Posts
  • High Quality Contents
  • Available once-off or monthly.
Ideal for low to medium competition keywords

  • 100 x Thunder High Authority Backlinks
  • High TF/DA/PA Posts
  • High Quality Contents
  • Available once-off or monthly.
Ideal for medium to high competition keywords

Secure Rare Authority Backlinks Today
It's time to take your website to the next level with powerful authority backlinks.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I order?
Click here to go to the order form and and make payment. After checkout you'll be taken to a special form to submit your keywords and Url's and we'll begin work within 1-2 hours.

Are all sites accepted?
Thunder, like all Diesel authority networks, are only for high quality genuine websites. We cannot accept adult, pharmaceuticals, or questionable sites that may compromise quality for the majority of clients.

Do I receive a report?
You will receive a partial report containing some of the backlinks created. The Urls of the backlinks will not be shown to protect the privacy of your site, the network as well as all clients. This is one of our advanced safety measures.
What happens after I order?
After you make payment, you’ll be redirected to a form where you provide us with your keywords and Urls. We'll then send you an order confirmation and begin work within 1-2 hours.

Is this a contract?
Thunder is available as a once-off or month-to-month service. While you agree to the Diesel terms, there is no obligation to order more once.

What is the turn around time?
Each package takes approximately 24 days. We intentionally space the links out to ensure a natural link building campaign. If you'd like it quicker, just let us know when you order.

Have another question? Chat to us anytime.