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Dental SEO Case Study

Technology and digital trends are changing the way dentists work and attract new clients.

As a result, dental organisations must adapt in order to both survive and grow their businesses, especially in the digital age where marketing, particularly search engine optimization and marketing, rapidly changes.

Dental SEO Marketing that Works

In August 2015, we were approached by a dental office from Grand Rapids, MI wanting wanting to increase their online presence.

Dental SEO

This was a dental startup that had been in “blacked out” for two years and was itching to find an online marketing company that could help them grow.

Dental SEO Services

After discussing and analyzing their objectives, we have come up with several strategies for “Search Engine Optimization”. We have analyzed their website and studied their competitors to determine effective search engine positioning. We have also identified a targeted list of keywords and phrases related to their market and customers including “Grand Rapids Dentist”. This certain keyword has a global search volume of 1300 on Google.com. 

Dental SEO Services

We began to assess the ranking results on August 5. The process of optimization is not a one-time process but requires maintenance, continuous testing and monitoring. So, after 5 weeks, we saw significant rank improvements from Rank #15 moving upward to Rank #6 in Google.com!

The result shows our SEO services are powerful, proven and effective for dentists.

Need help with your dental SEO strategy?

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