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What is the best SEO service for me?

SEO services are one of the most powerful marketing channels to increase traffic and generate more sales and leads online. By ranking higher in Google, small businesses are able to increase their online presence, build trust and reach new customers.

Our vision for Diesel Marketer is to provide world-class, best-practice, easy-to-understand SEO that small businesses can leverage to grow online. This means that we provide many SEO services from press releases to guest posts to editorial links to all-in-one services, and more!

While every SEO service can be very powerful and effective, there are different needs for different businesses that determine what service to use.

In this post, I aim to provide a clearer comparison to help you find the best SEO service for your needs. 

Let's get started!

Understanding the "best SEO Service"

Firstly, an important note: 

Your current business situation will determine what service is going to be the "best" for your business.

Some factors to consider:

  • Am I a startup or established?
  • Am I new to SEO or experienced? 
  • Am I targeting local or global consumers? 
  • Is this purely for higher Google rankings, or do I want other benefits too?
  • Do I have a preferred way that customers find me online? Is it Google, publications, press releases, directories, Facebook, forums, LinkedIn or another way?

To put your mind at ease, there are no wrong answers here. This is you just brainstorming what is best for your business today.

And some great questions to ask other stakeholders in your business.

Depending in your answers will change what is the most appropriate SEO service for you at this time.

Some of our clients want to build word-of-mouth while increasing their Google rankings. Other clients, particularly resellers, are interested in the highest authority backlinks and so are concerned with SEO metrics such as Domain Authority, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Page Authority, Outbound Links and so forth.

I should also mention that like any marketing, SEO strategy can be adjusted. Meaning that you can of course choose one service, see how it performs after a few months vs your goals and adjust accordingly using different services. Indeed, as discussed in the best SEO strategy, multiple best-practices SEO services is the proven path to the top of the search engines.

One of Diesel Marketer's advantage is that we have powerful SEO services that cater for just about every business in every stage. Additionally, our services are offered as once-off or month-to-month plans, meaning you can add/remove services if your needs change.

New to SEO? You're in good company and we will guide you through the necessary steps to start seeing benefits from SEO. 

Small or online business? This is our primary client-base, a sound understanding of SEO that want to leverage our advanced strategies to improve their Google rankings and drive more sales. 

SEO reseller? You're in great company and we are perfectly set up to provide you with white label services that are easy to trace and order online, a seamless, easy way for you to secure best-practice SEO.

Enterprise? All of our services can be adapted to enterprise. If you need more backlinks that our packages offer, simply contact us and we will work with you to provide a compelling and high performing service that matches your needs.

Now let's go through the factors that can help choose the best SEO service to grow your online business. 

Choosing the Best SEO Services

Below are more details to help you choose the best SEO for your needs. If you need a hand further, you're always to chat with us on site or contact us here.

Depending your individual goals will determine the best fit for you.

Press Releases

Our press release writing & distribution service is a strong contender for our best SEO service. 

Features & benefits: 

  • Build word-of-mouth quickly
  • 600+ DoFollow backlinks per press release
  • Media outlets notified, potentially leading to organic coverage
  • Appearance in Google News
  • High authority backlinks from media websites
  • Announce new products, companies, business milestones etc
  • Suitable for every business except adult and warez
  • Great for global & US-based businesses

Without over-hyping press releases, I've never seen a business that could not benefit from more. They can be adapted to suit your intentions and goals, whether it is for purely SEO purposes or to use as a business announcement, press releases are an ideal choice to rapidly grow your online business.

Learn more about Press Releases here.

Diesel Outreach Guest Post Services

Guest Post Services are where we secure placement for your business on a third party website. This involves us contacting and often paying for our article to be mentioned by the website's contributors. 

Think of it like a brand mention in a newspaper, except these will include a link back to your site. This if course means that readers of the article may visit your website.

Additionally, because these are highly trusted websites, they usually have very good SEO stats, such as Domain Authority, which can see significant improvement in search engine rankings with just one mention.

This makes Diesel Outreach ideal for businesses wanting both SEO benefits and to build word-of-mouth. 


  • Build word-of-mouth
  • Usually very high SEO stats with superior SEO benefits
  • Backlinks likely to remain longer than on media outlet websites
  • Not seen by readers as an advertisement, rather as a brand mention
  • Builds brand trust
  • Perfect for global & US-based businesses

However, Outreach guest posts are a high quality, manually intensive service that are priced accordingly. The benefits, however, last for years, and as they say, "No one ever regrets buying quality". 

If you are looking for more SEO-focussed services, there are better options. But if you want to both see SEO benefits AND build trust and word-of-mouth, Diesel Outreach is the perfect choice. 

Learn more about Diesel Outreach here.

Private Blog Network Services

Private blog network (PBN) services are used purely for SEO purposes as they are defined as a "grey" or "black hat" SEO. And they have a reputation.

If you are choosing a trusted PBN provider, then there is generally little risk. However, trusted PBN service providers are few and far between. Many last as little as 2-3 months before closing, removing all backlinks and potentially (unintentionally) causing their client websites to drop in rankings.

There are some sellers on "inexpensive marketplaces" that provide PBN links, but they are inherently dangerous because of risks the provider takes. YAs such, it is often more effective to use these backlinks as negative SEO if that is your style. ou get what you pay for with PBN backlinks.

While I could speak on this for days, here are some things you should keep in mind and look for when buying PBN services:

  • Do not buy spun content for main sites
  • Look for different WhoIs, multiple A/B/C Class IPs
  • Different CMS platforms (not just Wordpress!)
  • High SEO stats, at time of writing, this is Trust Flow (TF) & Citation Flow (CF)
  • Handwritten content (for SEO purposes, there is very little difference results-wise between "okay", "good" and "exceptional" content for PBNs)
  • Mix of niche-related and general websites
  • Mix of DoFollow & NoFollow
  • Mix of keyword, generic & LSI anchors

Diesel Marketer has been running PBNs since 2011. As such, we have survived many algorithm changes and are fully abreast with how PBNs should be run to avoid detection. This is why we can offer a 12 month guarantee on link placements.

More about our PBN services here.

Editorial Backlinks

I call editorial backlinks the best backlinks. Editorial backlinks are an outstanding service for building brand-recognition and becoming a household name. 

If you want your brand to become more recognisable and build your credibility, this is the best SEO service for you. This should be the primary driver for buying Editorial backlinks. 

With that being said, editorial backlinks can have significant SEO benefits, depending on the publication that you choose. At time of writing, for example, Huffington Post are "NoIndex", meaning that this will have minimal (not 0) SEO benefits.

Tips for choosing the best publication:

  • The right audience: If you target entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur is an excellent choice.
  • Bragging rights: Where would you like to say your business has been mentioned? This is great to display on your website.
  • Audience size: Is it a niche publication, or is there potential for mass appeal?
  • SEO benefits (intentionally last): What are the SEO stats? The higher the DA, PA, TF, CF the better. Do Follow is preferable.

On a side note, our role in securing these brand mentions is to secure these with a backlink to your site. Because these are third party sites, sometimes they do alter their SEO stats (up/down, Dofollow/Nofollow), which no one has any control over except the publication. 

This is why the only businesses that should purchase editorial backlinks are clients wishing to build brand-recognition, word-of-mouth and bragging rights.

Diesel Marketers offers the opportunity to be published in many online publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post and more. This is one of the best ways you can instantly boost your brand-credibility.

Learn more about our Editorial (Best) Backlinks here.

Understanding All-in-One Services

As we've discussed, a single service is not a long term SEO strategy. Instead, we must use many best-practice services to make significant rank improvements that last.

While some of our clients prefer to choose certain services to order at certain times and hope to produce the results of some of our clients, our all-in-one services use the best SEO services that are working now to produce results.

This means:

  • All of our best SEO services in one package
  • Hands-free SEO (no need to pick and choose what service to order)
  • Always getting best-practice SEO, such as an anchor variation (no need to manage this yourself)
  • SEO benefits + word-of-mouth + brand-building

We built these all-in-one services to allow our clients to focus on their expertise and let us handle the SEO for their business. And as you can see from our SEO case studies, the results have been outstanding. 

While "the best SEO service" is hard to quantify, this is as close to best as you can get, and the results show this.

Learn more about Diesel Core, our best all-in-one SEO service here.

What is the best SEO service?

The best SEO service will yield the best results for your site at any given time. This can change over time. While a startup may begin with press releases, they may soon that a complete all-in-one SEO service, such as Diesel Core, is critical for their ongoing success. 

When ordering SEO, keep in mind that you will generally need a variety of backlinks, and focusing on only one type is a short term strategy only. However, this can still be highly effective, especially if you have not performed SEO work before. 

Regardless of what stage your business is in, Diesel Marketer SEO packages offer the ideal way to start, grow and expand your online business. All of our services are offered either as a once-off or a month-to-month plan, meaning that you're welcome to utilize one service one month, and another type of service in the next month. Unlike traditional agencies, Diesel Marketer has made it very easy for small businesses to grow their business online with transparent and trusted SEO packages. We also work with dozens of resellers, powering thousands of websites around the world.

If you need assistance choosing the best SEO service for your business or have any questions, you're welcome to chat with us on site. 

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