7 Excellent Websites to Check Keyword Rankings in Google

So you know what keywords you want to rank for. Great!

What's the next step?

Finding out what your current Google keyword rankings are.

And then working towards higher rankings with professional SEO services that work.

But where and how to begin?

Start with checking where your website ranks in Google now. This is easily done through any of the tools mentioned below.

This blog post will show you the best tools to check your website rankings. Bear in mind, they are just for comparison. You generally will only need one rank checking tool!

But can't I just see this by Googling my website?

You could, but it's very unlikely to be accurate. Google will often make your previous website visits appear higher in its search results than what they really are.

The result? You think you're ranking when you're not. Using a third party tool is the best (and only) way to objectively identify your current Google rankings.

What role do backlinks play in checking keyword rankings?

Backlinks directly influence your keyword rankings. Quality backlinks let search engines know that your website is a voice of authority.

One of the quickest solutions for gaining backlinks is to acquire them. By spending a little money on backlinks, you may get a large boost to your organic search traffic.

Is Google the only search engine I should monitor?

No. As we talked about in this post, rankings in Bing & Yahoo will often have a huge influence on your website sales, traffic and conversions. Traffic is also part of Google's search algorithm, meaning the more traffic (from any source) a website gets, the more likely it is to rank. The good news? I've got you covered!

Almost all of the rank checkers below will also check your keyword rankings in other search engines, some even checking Youtube rankings and making keyword suggestions for you. With that out the way, here's 7 of the best rank trackers available to check your Google keyword rankings in just seconds.

#1 – Google Rank Checker

Google Rank Checker is a free online tool for tracking keyword positioning. Though, it does not check Bing – just Google.

It is a very basic utility that gets a basic job done.

Google Rank Checker

All you need to do is enter your target keyword phrase and the domain name of your website. You then select the region and press submit. Within seconds, you will know the search engine rankings for the keyword you entered.


SEMRUSH is a well known, comprehensive tool. Instead of simply allowing you to check the rankings of a single keyword phrase, you get access to a wide range of statistics.

You can enter your website URL and determine which keywords you rank for.



You will be able to see your ranking for top organic keywords, along with monthly search volume and the average cost per click for PPC advertising for that keyword. Check keyword competition and discover other details.

The only downside is that SEMRUSH is one of the most expensive tools on the market. Unless you have pressing need for its other features, you might be best off with another of the rank checkers.

#3 – Serpbook

Serpbook is an excellent tool to check keyword rankings. Instead of offering dozens of half baked goods, it focuses on delivering you accurate search engine results well.


You can check this tool out for free. Serpbook gives you real-time updates for checking your search rankings. See how your web pages are doing in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Google Maps, and YouTube.

You even have the option to integrate your Google Analytics data directly into Serpbook. This gives you the advantage of checking your stats from a single dashboard.

#4 – Ahrefs

Ahrefs is simple but lacks some of the bells and whistles found in other tools. But, you do get quick access to your current rankings.

You only need to enter the URL you are checking and Ahrefs will provide you with a list of keywords that your web page is ranking for.


When using Ahrefs, you will also have the ability to easily check the level of competition for your target keywords. Along with keywords, you can use Ahrefs to track your backlinks.

  • High quality backlinks are an integral part of SEO and can significantly improve your search engine rankings quickly. 

#5 – ProRank Tracker

ProRank Tracker is another premium search engine position checker. Using ProRank Tracker, you will receive updates and advanced reports pertaining to your search engine rankings. You will also find lists of keywords that you are ranking for that you may not even be aware of. Use the keywords that ProRank Tracker discovers to tweak your web pages and blog posts.


Another benefit of using ProRank Tracker is that it provides keyword suggestions. Get additional ideas for each of your URLs. You can also schedule reports to be saved directly to Dropbox or Google Drive. This is an excellent tool that currently offers a free trial. It is also one of the most affordable tools on the market offering very good value for money.

#6 – iWebTool

iWebTool is also a free option for tracking your keyword rankings.

As with Google Rank Checker, this site simply allows you to enter a domain name and target keyword. You then get a list of your current rankings.

iWebTool RankChecker

It is simple and straightforward but does not include the added features found on ProRank Tracker, Serpbook, or SEMRush.

#7 – Small SEO Tools Keyword Position Tool

Small SEO Tools is a website that provides a number of free SEO tools and utilities, including a simple keyword position tool.

Small SEO Tools Rank Checker

This is similar to the previously discussed iWebTool and Google Rank Checker. Though, it includes the added bonus of being able to check your rankings in a wide variety of languages.

Improve Your Google Keyword Rankings

Now you have 7 to pick from! Remember, you should only need 1.

The bottom line is that you need to check your keyword rankings to monitor your performance. Whether you choose one of the web-based free checkers or purchase a membership from one of the advanced options, knowing where you rank for your keywords is the first step in improving your Google rankings.

Once you know where your website ranks in Google, it's time to improve them. While many people will offer you their services, we urge website owners to consider the long term impact of such services on their websites and businesses.

Without a proper, longer term ranking plan, any ranking gains are unlikely to be sustained over the medium to long term. Click here to see our recommended service to improve your website rankings.

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