SerpBook Examined: The Best Keyword Rank Checker?

If you are serious about increasing your Google rankings, you need to know where your keywords are and be able to monitor them in an easy way. Without this, it really is just guessing as to how effective your SEO campaigns are. 

This is where tools such as SerpBook enter. This is one of the best keyword rank checkers on the market. The plans are affordable, starting at free and even the enterprise plans are priced very competitively. 

Whilst there is no shortage of resources for checking Google rankings, marketers, SEOs and agencies are now turning to SerpBook to provide an all-in-one solution for ranking and reporting.      

What is SerpBook?

SerpBook is an on-demand, cloud-based rank tracking solution that allows users to view and track campaigns across the three major search engines; Google, Yahoo and Bing. 


The SerpBook tool (some would say ‘service’) is an innovation in rank tracking capabilities, because it allows customers and their clients to see their rankings at any point in time using any device that connects to the internet.  Members simply sign into the software from inside the website and then chart the progress of their rankings by domain and keyword. 

The process is highly automated which makes the use of painful proxies a thing of the past. SerpBook launched in January 2012 and reaches a user base of nearly 900,000 clients.  

Main Features of SerpBook

Being 100 per cent web-based, there is nothing that users need to download or instal to make this work.  Once inside the dashboard, a one-time campaign set-up will return results in a matter of days from the ‘big three’, with tracking from Google expanded to include results from its entire coverage of selected countries. 

To initiate a campaign, website owners simply create categories of keywords or page url’s to be tracked from a site, for which the software then tracks rankings for those criteria, including movements for the day, week and month.  It will also reveal page specific PR, Alexa rank, backlinks per page, and keyword exact match monthly search volume.

Google Rank Checker

If you are tracking for many keywords, the category toolbar shows how many of the keywords are in the top 10 to 30 range, and how many of them have moved up and down in rank.  To assist with ranking variance patterns, analytic charts show movement of ranking per keyword over a specified period of time. 

You can request email notifications for instant awareness of keyword movements, and API access to raw data, unlimited API calling, and even build your own custom backend in the dashboard.  SerpBook allows integration with Google Analytics which can be included in the reporting and the link sharing ViewKey facility.  

Advantages of using SerpBook

The main advantage to those using SerpBook is the clarity that it provides with how keywords and pages are ranking over time.  Trial and error testing reveals movements that are tracked, recorded and shown, ensuring prompt exposure to which of your SEO methods are working and which can be dropped per campaign. 

There is no concern regarding the actions you have taken, because you are able to add notes to your history charts which become a permanent reference for crafting new campaigns.   

SerpBook Alternatives

For those who provide SEO services to others, the SerpBook white label facility ensures that client rankings can be tracked without the need to ever reveal the source. Custom PDF and Excel reports can be generated that contain your own logo and company description, and you have the option to ‘share’ a category by sending the client a private link to view their rankings.  Alternatively, you can retain your service provider status by creating an iframe and a page which will allow your client to view their private rankings on your business website. 

Detailed reports can then be scheduled for any number of days for automatic emailing to yourself or your clients without needing to touch them.

SerpBook offers 8 different pricing plans so there is one to suit most budgets.  At time of writing, offers begin with the Lite+ plan, which allows 25 keyword and domain url combinations at $4.95 per month.  The plans then increase in price and peak at the Enterprise+ option, which permits 5000 combinations at a monthly cost of $329.95 for the more serious trackers. 

Each package includes daily updates for Yahoo, Bing, Alexa, page rank and backlinks.  Google ranking is updated every 2 hours and tracks the top 300 positions for each keyword.  Each package also includes white label reporting, share links and alerts. 

There are no locked in contracts, which means that you can change your package plan at any time.  SerpBook also accommodates for the cautious, offering a 14 day, no credit card free trial with tracking for a 10 keyword limit.

Serpbook Alternatives

There are dozens of tools that perform similar to Serpbook. However, I have yet to find one as intuitive and easy to use as Serpbook.

The only real contender that is close is ProRankTracker; this however lacks the sophistication and user interface of Serpbook, making it difficult to use. 

Is Serpbook the Best Keyword Rank Checker?

It’s quite unusual particularly for any tool that has been in action for some time to not have half of its reviews littered with negative feedback. 

SerpBook has broken tradition in the SEO space, with users overwhelmingly singing its praises for its capacity to do exactly as it states on the box; provide accurate search rank tracking to help you with your keyword and campaign planning. 

For the features it provides, SerpBook is a cost-effective solution for anyone to track the performance of their websites. 

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