Guide to Providing Us Leads to Close

Daniel Burford by Daniel Burford

Our new SEO reseller feature enables resellers to provide us with leads to close. This is a new feature that is unique to us. It's never been easier to start a SEO agency. 

This program is via application only. 

Per our terms and conditions, both parties agree that:

  1. Reseller will complete the transaction within 48 hours if the lead closes. This means you should have a payment system in place.
  2. We will act as a representative of the reseller business and not of Diesel Marketer. 

Once accepted, you are then able to submit leads for us to close. 

How to Submit Leads

  1. Create a Reseller Account here
  2. When you receive a new lead, create a support ticket here with the details as below. 
  3. We'll then contact the lead and attempt to close the sale. 

Lead Information to Include

  • Name, Company Name, Phone Number, Email Address.
  • Website details such as keywords / Url / industry.
  • Preferred contact day/times. Please provide us at least 24 hours notice.
  • Details of services they may be interested in and your intended mark up. Browse our services here.

This service is via application only and resellers must apply via an over-the-phone consultation.

Daniel Burford
Daniel Burford


Daniel Burford is the founder of Diesel Marketer, an SEO agency that helps businesses reach more customers online with SEO that works. For the latest news & updates, be sure to subscribe to the Diesel Marketer newsletter.

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