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Guide to Providing Us Leads to Close

Our new SEO reseller feature enables resellers to provide us with leads to close. This is a new feature that is unique to us. It's never been easier to start a SEO agency. 

This program is via application only. 

Per our terms and conditions, both parties agree that:

  1. Reseller will complete the transaction within 48 hours if the lead closes. This means you should have a payment system in place.
  2. We will act as a representative of the reseller business and not of Diesel Marketer. 

Once accepted, you are then able to submit leads for us to close. 

How to Submit Leads

  1. Create a Reseller Account here
  2. When you receive a new lead, create a support ticket here with the details as below. 
  3. We'll then contact the lead and attempt to close the sale. 

Lead Information to Include

  • Name, Company Name, Phone Number, Email Address.
  • Website details such as keywords / Url / industry.
  • Preferred contact day/times. Please provide us at least 24 hours notice.
  • Details of services they may be interested in and your intended mark up. Browse our services here.

This service is via application only and resellers must apply via an over-the-phone consultation.

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