Guidelines for being an SEO Reseller

Daniel Burford by Daniel Burford

We welcome SEO resellers. 

But a few housekeeping rules: 

  • Don't use our copy
  • Don't use the rank improvement graphs we post


  • Let us know if we can help in any way. Sometimes custom requests can be accommodated. For example, including citations in backlinks
  • Be aware that sometimes if you are ordering 6+ packages at once, we will automatically include extras, such as more backlinks for the order
  • Check out more common questions in our SEO Reseller Help Center here.

Questions? Contact us any time.

Daniel Burford
Daniel Burford


Daniel Burford is the founder of Diesel Marketer, an SEO agency that helps businesses reach more customers online with SEO that works. For the latest news & updates, be sure to subscribe to the Diesel Marketer newsletter.

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