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How Monthly Subscriptions Work

Monthly subscriptions are highly recommended to ensure regular link building and continued SEO progress is made on your site. Some of our most successful clients utilise monthly subscriptions, particularly resellers to ensure continued rank improvements for their clients.

To order a monthly service, click the monthly order form. 

The checkout process is identical, except Paypal will ask you to authorise regular payments.

Like a regular order, once you complete this step, you will be automatically redirected to the client portal where you can submit your order information.

We will then send you an order confirmation within a few hours. Then, when the order is complete, we'll send you your final report in the client portal.

Now, because it is a monthly subscription, every month on your billing cycle, the payment will be deducted from Paypal. Once we receive payment, we will send you an order confirmation and begin work.

Note: You will not need to re-enter your order information, such as your keywords and Url's, every month. This will be based on your previous data. Of course, you can always update your order information - even to a different website entirely - if you wish. 

To update this information, simply message us in the client portal help desk and we'll make sure to make the changes for your next order. 

Any questions? Get in touch!

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