SEO Affiliate Program

Daniel Burford by Daniel Burford

Our SEO affiliate program means businesses and individuals can earn commissions by referring customers to us.

If you want to refer genuine clients to us and earn a commission on the side, this is the best SEO Affiliate program for you!

This is great for many of our online marketing customers who have friends and family who can benefit from our services while earning commissions.

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Available for select services on our website.
  • If you refer someone who is an existing client, this is still eligible only if it is a new service. For example, if they are already a Diesel Core client and click your link, this is not eligible. But if they purchased a new service, such as Best PBN Links as well, then this would be eligible.
  • Cookie lasts 30 days. Before signing up, ask the new client to clear their cookies before clicking your link.
  • Payments will be made via Paypal 60 days post-purchase. Please ensure your Paypal email address is up-to-date in the client portal.
  • This is for genuine referrals only and not a discount code.
  • To prevent fraud, we reserve the right to not pay commissions from fraudulent or suspected fraudulent activities. In the event of fraud, both accounts involved may be disabled. We use some of the best technologies to detect suspicious activity.

You are able to track your affiliate statistics including clicks and sign ups inside the client dashboard. Click here to sign up.

More details about the SEO Affiliate Program can be found here:

Daniel Burford
Daniel Burford


Daniel Burford is the founder of Diesel Marketer, an SEO agency that helps businesses reach more customers online with SEO that works. For the latest news & updates, be sure to subscribe to the Diesel Marketer newsletter.

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