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Amazon SEO Case Study

Since late 2016, we have seen more and more clients using our link building services for Amazon SEO.

And it's no surprise. 

Amazon SEO

Amazon is more trusted, more authoritative and generally easier to rank for competitive keywords than a standalone website.

Additionally, visitors trust Amazon ratings, payment systems and the "Amazon experience", which means generally this will have significantly higher conversions compared to other listings.

This means that investing in Amazon SEO is generally a smart move that can quickly drive more sales and customers for your eCommerce store.

What is Amazon SEO?

Many of our online business clients use Amazon for FBA, Kindle, and as an additional sales channel to their eCommerce store.

Amazon SEO allows our clients to improve the Amazon Google rankings, thereby attracting more visitors and conversions from their listing.

Amazon SEO can be divided into two parts: 

  1. On-page optimization 
  2. Off-page opimization

More on these will be covered in greater detail below. For now, know that both parts are important to help rank your Amazon product.

This case study will go into how one of our clients in the fitness industry used our SEO services for his Amazon listing with great results.

Amazon SEO Case Study

Our client approached us wanting to improve their fitness Amazon listing. The page was already well-optimized but lacked the backlink profile to rank highly.

Tip: Check out our guide to on page SEO here to optimize your Amazon listing. The same principles apply to Amazon, eBay, Etsy & eCommerce listings.

Because Amazon is a trusted site, this means a more aggressive link building campaign can sometimes be very beneficial. In this case, our client chose to work with our PBN services to boost his Amazon listing rankings. 

Off-page optimization such as using powerful backlinks is very significant in ranking Amazon listings. Without these, Google will struggle to understand why your product should be ranked higher than your competitors. This also means, backlinks are a powerful means to overtake your competitors.

The Results 

As you can see from the results below, our client experienced relatively quick results by using our PBN services. 

Amazon SEO Services

* As recorded via Serpbook for Google.com. NB: starting position was not ranked in the top 100.

However, the journey and role isn't over yet. 

We will be able to secure much higher rankings with ongoing work, combining PBN with other services, such as press releases (600+ DoFollow media backlinks), guest post services and potentially our very powerful all-in-one SEO, Diesel Core services.

Amazon SEO Summary

The future is looking bright for our client. 

PBN services can be fantastic for Amazon listings as shown through these results. However, the right PBN is a must-have as not all are created equal. While we initially went with our Diamond PBN service, we know great results will come by using our niche-relevant PBN, Diesel Power.


Amazon SEO works. 

To learn more about our Amazon SEO Services, feel free to check out our services here or leave a comment below. 

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